Over 4000 companies and over 35 millions euros collected

We build tools to foster entrepreneurship.

Our objective to simplify access to membership-based e-commerce.

Our values
Making sure your funds are secured is our priority. This is why we only work with the leaders of the online payment industry.
Setting up an online shop should be done in a matter of minutes without the intervention of a technical engineer.
We believe that anyone should be able to set up an online shop without the need of complex technical skills.
Modern online tools must solve a wide range of problems faced by entrepreneurs.
Management team
Camille Richon
Camille is the founder of PayFacile. He is the coordinator of all technical, administrative and marketing tasks. Camille is a digital nomad passionate about traveling, diving and entrepreneurship.
Amboara Rabe-Harinoro
Amboara is the lead dev of PayFacile. She is a Javascript wizard who takes care of front end as well as back end. Amboara is chief scout and a teacher at the IT University Antananarivo.
Princi Ranjaka
Princi is our customer success manager. He also takes care of publishing content on our blog. Princi is passionate about mechanics and motorbike.
Andy Podmore
Andy is the voice of PayFacile over the phone. He also helps out on marketing and analytics.
Clément Pigeon
After being CTO at the beginning of the company, Clément took an advisory position for any tech problems we can have.
Stéphane Richon
Stéphane was the first investor in PayFacile. He uses his large professional experiences to provide insightful advices.